lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014

WILD BOAR. By Mad Crow Garage.

xvs 650 yamaha dragstar.
ownwer: Joaquin.

When Joaquin has come to my workshop, he said he wanted to do something with his first bike . but we did not have very clear, to do.
The only thing he asked me is that the rear wheel was the widest possible.
Seeing as the bike was at that moment I could not think of anything good, until I started to remove things and just leave the chassis and wheels. I saw that there were many posivilidades .
We started by riding a 210 rear wheel (8 ") because most can not. because Cardan . than the protection and well and everything was left to 3mm (1/ 8) of the tire.
A short fender and license plate bracket rear end of the bike.
Then talking about the front part I think that could very well be one springer fork and it has done so . assemble a replica of wl HD with dual caliper piston harley .
Simplified handlebars stay to the fullest with a kustom tech levers with brake pump hidden pineapples were removed and have been mounted micro buttons with flashing module harley too.
Type wl seat, gives that old style to accompany the fork , but the rear with kuriakin air filter and exhaust pipes give it a more modern look.
Painting entirely made by Fernando de Mad Crow Garage, is made with a red blood trilayer , floral designs in gold and outlined in white .

Potos by Jordi Cortes,